Some Common Complaints Against Dentists By Patients

We discovered a few things when observing forums and discussions where patients write down their experiences about visiting a dentist. One must agree that the quality of dental care services is impressive in Phoenix. People not only gave 5-stars to the dental clinics, but gave a positive word about their services.

If it’s so positive, then why all this?

Well, the bad apples are not far away in this place too. Considering some common complaints, we decided to write it down for the reader’s knowledge. Let us highlight a few.


One of the patients that came to see a dentist was truly miffed with the prices he was charged $1000 for teeth cleaning, which, according to him, must “cost around $300 down the street.”

Though we aren’t sure if it’s true or not, but some cases did come up where the dentists or dental care centers charged extra for any simple treatment due to patient’s lack of knowledge about the prices. Therefore, whether it’s aesthetic family dentistry or a serious dental surgery, one must verify about costs.

A different doctor

Quite a lot of people have argued on this. Since patients are told that they will be treated by a certain dentist, they are well-prepared to get addressed by him/here. Unfortunately, these patients couldn’t even see the dentist, who was promised for their treatment.

Misleading treatment

The patients have a rare idea of what they are currently suffering from. For example, they might suffer a mere dental issue, which would have been exaggerated by the dentists for inviting more money to their coffers. It should be reported immediately at the council.

One may find the list of top 10 dentists in Phoenix, but it is recommended that people verify and become certain about dentists and dental care centers before they take a visit.


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